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State of Technology Panel @ the Orlando Chamber of Commerce


[embed][/embed] Last month, the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce (aka Orlando Inc.) hosted a panel of experts to discuss trends in technology: what is on the horizon, what is already proven, and how the Orlando business community can use technology to compete in a changing world. This...

When should you upgrade?


[vc_video link=''] What is the right time to upgrade your application? It's a hard question because it involves a prediction of future outcomes. But if you leave it to chance - chances are you won't like the outcome. “Time is Relative.”  – Albert Einstein  Change is Hard The default mindset...

Why I love Agile


[vc_video link=''] Are you Agile? If yes, are you using the term and some ceremony without truly embracing the philosophy? It's important to refresh your understanding of what it means to be Agile and keep striving towards ever more Agility. And if you're not Agile, start now! “There...