2m2x series – Jacques Fu, CTO at FattMerchant

2m2x | Agile | Business | Digital Transformation | Lean Startup | Management

Full recording of interview with Jacques Fu, CTO @ FattMerchant 0:00 – Introductions 1:15 – Background 3:26 – FattMerchant origin story 4:20 – FattMerchant success and continued growth 5:20 – StarterStudio as a local asset 6:45 – Making big decisions 7:45 – Ingredients for success and being prepared 8:33 – Benefits of working in Orlando […]

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2m2x series – Renuka Sastri, Digital Transformation leader

2m2x | Agile | Business | Digital Transformation | Grow Thy Business | Management | Strategy

Full recording of interview with Renuka Sastri, Digital Transformation executive 0:00: Intro and background 3:00: AAA enterprise strategy, digital products 4:00: Product management and using data 4:40: Starting the AAA eBusiness team 5:22: Beginning Digital Transformation at AAA 6:40: Approaching customer needs in a structured way 8:00: Understanding points of friction within new digital product […]

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2m2x series – Adam Scheinberg, VP of Technology at Massey Services

2m2x | Business | Community | Digital Transformation | Management

Full recording of interview with Adam Scheinberg, VP of Tech at Massey Services 0:00 to 1:45 Introductions 1:46 to 3:20 “We are Postgrad and Kindgarten in equal parts” 3:21 to 5:04 Predictive customer analytics and Real Time 3D charting for a pest control/irrigation management company 5:04 to 7:15 50% savings through Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) […]

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Informulate helps non-profit fighting homelessness


Informulate is proud to work with a prominent, Florida local non-profit engaged in providing housing and services to the homeless. This 24-year-old organization manages multiple properties that provide housing and onsite staff that provide a number of rehabilitation services. The needs included having a reliable online data entry system, ease of use, tiered authority, and […]

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