Grow Thyself: 15 Min. Power Pose Exercise

Grow Thyself

A little preparation can go a long way. Before an important meeting or presentation is your brain firing all kinds of ideas and fears? As you get out of bed in the morning, are you anxious about the upcoming events of the day? Sure, there are big lifestyle changes and confidence building programs out there, […]

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Grow Thy Business: 60 Min. Validation Exercise

Grow Thy Business

Entrepreneurs, brand managers, product managers and CEO’s tend to think that their product is “revolutionary” and will spread like wildfire. However, it’s no secret that the vast majority of new products launched every year will fail. It is also clear that the #1 reason for failure is that it is a product that no one wants or […]

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Why Are You Building A Mobile App?

qode interactive strata

How do you decide whether you should build a native mobile app or a responsive mobile site or the flavors in between? After searching online for a tool to help organize this decision making process and not finding anything, I decided to create a “decision grid” (see below) to simplify this process. My aim is […]

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