2m2x series – Jared McGuire, Innovation Lead @ Informulate

2m2x | Business | Development | Digital Transformation | Lean Startup | Salesforce

Full recording of interview with Jared McGuire, Digital Products Innovation Lead @ Informulate 0:00 – 3:19 – Introductions and origin story 3:20 – 12:49 – Growth story at Informulate 12:50 – 25:04 – The Informulate difference when it comes to digital products 25:05 – 29:55 – Why are some projects successful while others are not? […]

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Legacy applications & the Technical Debt Trap

architecture | Design | Development | Digital Transformation | Management | technical debt

Most codebases start out fresh, tidy, and easy to maintain. Over time, they fall behind on modern coding standards, extensibility, performance and other aspects. This is can be slow or rapid depending on the team. From this deterioration, Technical Debt is born and it begins its slow but inexorable gravitational pull on the software, the […]

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2m2x series – Alan James, AI/ML Architect

2m2x | Agile | Artificial Intelligence | Development | Digital Transformation

Full recording of interview with Alan James, AI/ML Architect 0:00 – 3:44 – introductions and background 3:45 – 8:20 – Applications of AI 8:21 – 13:45 – How AI projects are different from regular development 13:46 – 16:15 – Typical use cases for AI/ML 16:16 – 18:15 – Statistical analysis, correlations and recommendation engines 18:16 […]

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When should you upgrade?

Business | Development | Management

What is the right time to upgrade your application? It’s a hard question because it involves a prediction of future outcomes. But if you leave it to chance – chances are you won’t like the outcome. “Time is Relative.”  – Albert Einstein  Change is Hard The default mindset for all humans is to not fix something […]

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Why I love Agile

Agile | Business | Development | Management

Are you Agile? If yes, are you using the term and some ceremony without truly embracing the philosophy? It’s important to refresh your understanding of what it means to be Agile and keep striving towards ever more Agility. And if you’re not Agile, start now! “There is room for everyone in Agile as long as you’re […]

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Migrating an ASP.Net application to Windows Azure


Azure: It’s not just a nice color Windows Azure is Microsoft’s entry into the cloud. Microsoft was a little late to really get into the Cloud Computing party when compared to some cloud heavyweights like Amazon AWS (S3, EC2) and Google Apps/App Engine but nevertheless Windows Azure is a very strong entrant in its own […]

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