2m2x series – Renuka Sastri, Digital Transformation leader

2m2x | Agile | Business | Digital Transformation | Grow Thy Business | Management | Strategy

Full recording of interview with Renuka Sastri, Digital Transformation executive 0:00: Intro and background 3:00: AAA enterprise strategy, digital products 4:00: Product management and using data 4:40: Starting the AAA eBusiness team 5:22: Beginning Digital Transformation at AAA 6:40: Approaching customer needs in a structured way 8:00: Understanding points of friction within new digital product […]

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Grow Thy Business: 60 Min. Validation Exercise

Grow Thy Business

Entrepreneurs, brand managers, product managers and CEO’s tend to think that their product is “revolutionary” and will spread like wildfire. However, it’s no secret that the vast majority of new products launched every year will fail. It is also clear that the #1 reason for failure is that it is a product that no one wants or […]

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