2m2x series – Jacques Fu, CTO at FattMerchant

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Full recording of interview with Jacques Fu, CTO @ FattMerchant 0:00 – Introductions 1:15 – Background 3:26 – FattMerchant origin story 4:20 – FattMerchant success and continued growth 5:20 – StarterStudio as a local asset 6:45 – Making big decisions 7:45 – Ingredients for success and being prepared 8:33 – Benefits of working in Orlando […]

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Haven’t read The Lean Startup? Then read this.

Lean Startup | Management | Strategy

Lean Startup is a methodology/movement taking over the startup universe. Lean Startup Conferences, startup weekends, numerous meetups, LinkedIn groups, blogs, podcasts and most business incubators worldwide inundate us with Lean Startup evangelization. As with most buzzwords, it has grown to where people talk about it – without really understanding it. To that end, this is […]

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