Legacy applications & the Technical Debt Trap

architecture | Design | Development | Digital Transformation | Management | technical debt

Most codebases start out fresh, tidy, and easy to maintain. Over time, they fall behind on modern coding standards, extensibility, performance and other aspects. This is can be slow or rapid depending on the team. From this deterioration, Technical Debt is born and it begins its slow but inexorable gravitational pull on the software, the […]

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2m2x series – Jacques Fu, CTO at FattMerchant

2m2x | Agile | Business | Digital Transformation | Lean Startup | Management

Full recording of interview with Jacques Fu, CTO @ FattMerchant 0:00 – Introductions 1:15 – Background 3:26 – FattMerchant origin story 4:20 – FattMerchant success and continued growth 5:20 – StarterStudio as a local asset 6:45 – Making big decisions 7:45 – Ingredients for success and being prepared 8:33 – Benefits of working in Orlando […]

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2m2x series – Renuka Sastri, Digital Transformation leader

2m2x | Agile | Business | Digital Transformation | Grow Thy Business | Management | Strategy

Full recording of interview with Renuka Sastri, Digital Transformation executive 0:00: Intro and background 3:00: AAA enterprise strategy, digital products 4:00: Product management and using data 4:40: Starting the AAA eBusiness team 5:22: Beginning Digital Transformation at AAA 6:40: Approaching customer needs in a structured way 8:00: Understanding points of friction within new digital product […]

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