State of Technology Panel @ the Orlando Chamber of Commerce

May 15, 2016

Last month, the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce (aka Orlando Inc.) hosted a panel of experts to discuss trends in technology: what is on the horizon, what is already proven, and how the Orlando business community can use technology to compete in a changing world.

This program was part of an ongoing effort by the Chamber to benefit its members by having featured business leaders share their skills, experience and best practices that lead to success. This event titled “Advancing Your Business Through Technology” was moderated by Jim Thomas (Executive Director, Orlando Trep) and had a panel composed of leaders from the Orlando Tech community including:

  • Gregg Pollack – Founder of Starter Studio and CEO of Code School
  • Rajiv Menon – Founder of Informulate and President of
  • Carlos Carbonell – President of the Orlando Tech Association and CEO of Echo Interaction
  • Orrett Davis – Tech Entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Orlando Tech Association

The panel covered various aspects such as:

  1. Recognizing how the pace of disruption has sped up and how technology has made it easier to disrupt large incumbent businesses
  2. The opportunities that still exist for small and mid-sized businesses to compete better with larger companies by taking advantage of established and proven technologies like email automation, business analytics, packaged and custom applications, mobile technology, marketing automation, etc.
  3. How the local community has grown in just the last 2-3 years with the advent of a host of co-working spaces, accelerators, growing venture investment and, of course, the Orlando Tech Association.
  4. The possible impacts of emerging technologies like 3D printing, cryptocurrencies, simulation, virtual reality/augmented reality, Industry 4.0 etc., and,
  5. How, as technology gets more powerful, it also reduces the barrier to entry for non-technical folks by getting easier to use

Our founder, Rajiv Menon, made special mention of the power of the Lean Startup method (link to to fuel innovation. This new methodology helps organizations across the world innovate new products/services, transform existing operations, experiment with new ideas, measure progress, and prioritize. It is part of the curriculum of every respectable incubator and accelerator and is becoming the de facto practice for product development teams. As a Lean Startup evangelist and mentor, Rajiv has helped numerous local startups and mid-sized businesses figure out what their biggest risks/opportunities are, and how to get the biggest, immediate business impact with or without technology.

Overall, the event was educational, interactive and engaging. It ended on the optimistic note that it is never too late to get into technology: Start reading (link to about trends, follow influencers (link to Informulate twitter handle), be a part of local meetup groups (link to Lean Startup meetup), and engage (link to Orlando tech site) with the local tech community (link to

For the trivia buffs: the Orlando Chamber is a 103 year old institution (founded 1913), and one of the top 3% that has a five star ratings from the US Chamber of Commerce. After all these decades, it is going very strong. Existing programs like Entrepreneurs Academy, Leadership Orlando, Business Success Strategies continue to flourish while new initiatives like the Central Florida Partnership forges new and improved partnerships with Florida High Tech Corridor, City of Orlando, Economic Development Commission, other Central Florida chambers etc.

Informulate is deeply invested in the continued growth and maturity of the Orlando / Central Florida community and local businesses. We proudly sponsor a number of local organizations such as the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce , , and the Orlando Tech Association. Onward and upward!

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