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June 17, 2021
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Are you still running Salesforce Classic? Are you wondering if and when you should upgrade to Lightning? Well, wonder no more because that time is NOW. Salesforce Lightning has been out for over 6 years now, it has delivered on what was promised, and there really is no reason for you to hold back.  

Wait, you have reasons for waiting don’t you?

Okay, so we do hear some reasons for waiting but they can all be addressed as below:

  1. “We are too busy building things to upgrade right now” – This is a classic – don’t have time to get a wheelbarrow because I have a lot to carry – argument. The upgrade will SAVE you time and money – delaying it just means you are delaying that value realization. What’s worse, the more work you put outside of Lightning – is more work you potentially need to undo or redo.
  2. “Don’t want to pay extra for that” – Uh – just no. You don’t pay extra. Its the same cost.
  3. “I don’t want to rewrite everything because Salesforce changed their mind” – This is a fair point. In Salesforce’s defense they did say that “If the technology existed in 1999, we’d have built it in Lightning from scratch” but that said – while the migration could be intense – it is a small fraction of the effort you put in to build in APEX or Classic. And the return you get from massively improved productivity more than make up for the migration cost.
  4. “Migrations are always a mess” – They can be, sure. Which is why you need an experienced team like Informulate working on that – also Salesforce has done a lot of work to make sure Lightning migrations are smooth. Plus you don’t need to upgrade everything at once – you can have a gradual upgrade path. Trust us, the migration is a lot less scary and a lot less effort than you think it is.
  5. “The old fogeys don’t want a new interface” – Don’t tell them I told you so but you can build interfaces in Lightning to look like whatever you want it to. Not that you would want to use an outdated look and feel but hey, whatever floats your boat
  6. “I’m not sure I’m going to be around until after the migration” – Okay, we’ve never heard someone actually say that but you can tell when someone is looking to quit and have that “not my problem” look on their face. You can’t let those people make the decision, can you?

Still thinking about it?

Now that the complaints are addressed, lets talk about the new value you get:

  • Lightning is mobile first – Any customization in Lightning is accessible on a mobile device through Salesforce Mobile
  • Unlock a LOT of new features: AppExchange apps, Snap-ins, Quote-to-cash, Voice, and 100s of other new features are available once you upgrade to Lightning
  • Build better user experiences: Lightning experiences allow you to use PATH, Assistant, Activity Timeline, Interactive Tabs, Key Deals, Enhanced Notes, Lightning Email Templates, Utility Bar, and SO MUCH more.
  • Increase revenue – Yes, some of the features that are unlocked in Sales Cloud can increase win rate, deliver better reporting, and increase collaboration to – drive more revenue growth
  • Go declarative – Leverage a more declarative instead of code-based development approach – why write code when you can configure? No unit-tests, no developer needed – Lightning Builder lets anyone can drag and drop components to build mobile and desktop apps, and customize pages in Lightning Experience.
  • It just looks better – no matter what the old fogeys say – we think the new interface looks a lot sleeker and its much more customizable. Newer users of Salesforce will be more productive and the old guard will grow to like it – we promise!

And if that didn’t do it for you…

Salesforce does not offer new clients the Classic interface anymore. Let that sink in. And at some point, they will be forced to stop supporting Classic features. You don’t want to be the last ones pushed into an upgrade so talk to us and get a plan to “Ride the Lightning” today and take advantage of a lot of the new features on offer.

Reach out to us at to learn how you can radically cut costs and improve productivity for your Salesforce instance!

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