2m2x series – Adam Scheinberg, VP of Technology at Massey Services

February 5, 2021
2m2x Business Community Digital Transformation Management

Full recording of interview with Adam Scheinberg, VP of Tech at Massey Services

0:00 to 1:45 Introductions

1:46 to 3:20 “We are Postgrad and Kindgarten in equal parts”

3:21 to 5:04 Predictive customer analytics and Real Time 3D charting for a pest control/irrigation management company

5:04 to 7:15 50% savings through Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

7:16 to 7:49 Turning a business is like turning an aircraft carrier

7:50 to 8:25 Transformation means teams may need to be repurposed

8:26 to 9:55 Roadmapping is a challenge

9:56 to 11:44 One system to rule them all

11:45 to 12:35 What does an AI “killer app” look like?

12:36 to 15:10 Strip down functional requirements into core business objectives

15:11 to 16:51 Improving the collaboration between business and tech

16:52 to 18:20 Know who to ask for what

18:21 to 19:30 ShapeUp from BaseCamp, Agile in a Nutshell, Simon Sinek Why Ted talk

19:31 to 21:15 Massey is all about community

21:15 to 22: Customers are looking to work with companies that have a social mission

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