Why I’m going to the Lean Startup Conference AGAIN

September 27, 2016
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The biggest names in the tech/startup world will be there. You come away inspired and energized. You hear great stories and experiences. You make great networking connections. But what truly sets it apart is the actionable content you come away with. It immediately changes how you work, consult, build products, develop customers, and engage users. New applications of Lean Startup, new methods of validation, new techniques of measurement – every year is different as adoption grows worldwide.

That’s why for me Halloween means deadly disruption, mesmerizing methodology, and sweet revenue models. Lean Startup Conference is like an invigorating jolt of innovation injected intravenously. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

Jokes aside, Lean Startup is serious business. Last year, we heard about how data-crunching reading habits can predict Hollywood blockbusters, how TechStars is Scaling Lean using Culture Maps, and how gamification is growing into Game Thinking.

On a personal note, I learnt about Behavioral Cohorting and how it can transform approaches to user engagement. Since I’m a Lean evangelist and am passionate about our Orlando community, I had speakers Laura Klein and Ariana Friedlander (speakers at the conference) speak to our local Lean Startup community. And this year, will be my 3rd time at the conference. Why? As Eric Ries said:

The Lean Startup has evolved into a movement that is having a significant impact on how companies are built, funded and scaled.

So what’s LSC 2016 going to be like? Follow me @rajtv and check back here in November to find out!

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