2m2x series – Renuka Sastri, Digital Transformation leader

February 26, 2021
2m2x Agile Business Digital Transformation Grow Thy Business Management Strategy

Full recording of interview with Renuka Sastri, Digital Transformation executive

0:00: Intro and background

3:00: AAA enterprise strategy, digital products

4:00: Product management and using data

4:40: Starting the AAA eBusiness team

5:22: Beginning Digital Transformation at AAA

6:40: Approaching customer needs in a structured way

8:00: Understanding points of friction within new digital product and legacy dependencies

9:00: bringing data together from all sources

11:18: What data, who had it, and what do we do?

12:05: Working together to generate insights from data

13:30: Bring the right people into the conversation

14:36: Customer journey mapping and visualization

15:15: Enabling each business function to participate

16:15: DT is less about tech and more about people

17:30: The real challenge is not knowing where the roadblocks

18:00: The internal and external human element

19:15: Accesso was looking to break down silos and find efficiencies

21:05: Mapping out all the tools, and products across the enterprise

21:45: One sheet to rule them all

25:05: Play to your strength and allow the team to play to their strengths

26:43: Strategic transformations are not overnight, set expectations accordingly

28:50: Agile and iteration needs to culturally accepted

30:55: Tools and resources list

33:40: 100 Women Strong

36:01: Question your assumptions about the people you serve

List of resources:

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