What Is Lean Startup & Why Should You Care?

November 10, 2015
Lean Startup Management Strategy


Let me put it simply: if any part of your job responsibilities involves problem solving, you need to learn about Lean Startup! (click to tweet) Even if it doesn’t right now, given how quickly established industries are being disrupted, there is no guarantee your job will exist 5 years from now especially if it’s repetitive (thus automatable). The future will belong to those who embrace change now.

“Companies have a choice. Disrupt themselves or die. Innovation is health insurance.“ – Tristan Kromer, Founder of TriKro

All About Innovation

This may sound mystical, even grandiose. It might seem like innovation is the exclusive privilege of startup geniuses or massive corporations. It’s not. Pitching a new idea is innovative just as creating a new product is. Packaging a new service is an innovation just as disrupting an industry is. The Lean Startup is a book by Eric Ries that simplifies the process of developing new ideas to ensure they successfully solve problems and create value.

What’s In It For You?

So why should you learn and begin implementing this way of thinking? Because it will give you immediate results. Here’s how:

  • by saving you time and money spent on something that will not succeed
  • by helping you find the right path to success quicker
  • by immediately arming you with the right set of questions to approach undefined problems
  • by helping you decide what priorities are the most important to tackle right away
  • by equipping you with a whole set of tools and techniques to help you innovate quicker, smarter and cheaper


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Even if you don’t make all of those decisions in your organization, the learnings from the book will immediately allow you to add value in a room full of executives, product owners, and experts alike.

But don’t take my word for it. Hear it from uber-VC Marc Andreesen, Silicon Valley author/educator/entrepreneur Steve Blank, and even from non-profit organizations such as Kiva.


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If you can’t tell by now, I strongly advise you to “Learn Lean”.

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